Getting started

New here? Wondering where to start?

The key link

Go to the official Minima website at www.minima.global for:

Getting started

  1. Visit the Minima website, listed above. This is the official site. It also contains instructions for some of the steps listed here.
  2. Visit the Minima Discord to:
  3. Create a wallet. Using Android is simply a question of going to the Google Play Store (get the link from the Minima docs if you wish). iPhone is still being worked on. Windows, Mac or Linux require a degree of tech-savviness. Write down your seed phrase, and store it somewhere safe and secret.
  4. Get some Minima. For a tiny amount, you can use the MinimaCentral faucet. For anything more, there is the MiniSwap dapp from the Minima dappstore. Alongside that, wrapped Minima (WMINIMA), is available on Uniswap and centralised exchanges (Bitfinex, Mexc). You can find liquidity information and links to these on CoinMarketCap.
  5. Go to the Minima dapp store via the Minima app and try out some of the dapps. In fact, you can try the Chatter dapp with no Minima.

More background materials

Both by Bitfinex, and directed at more advanced users.